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CBC info

... A cross between StarControl: TimeWarp & C-dogs (asteroids & gauntlet combo... IN SPAaaaaaaCE)

late 20th century piece
ancient concept art

You'll be able to jump in/out of the cockpit, run around on the deck, and fire small arms at nearby enemies/ ships.
Aim yourself well when leaping at an enemy ship's deck! Gravity and inertia are unforgiving.
...and yes, you can place heavy turrets on your ship in addition to the main weapon.

What will be NEW about CBC?
1. you can run around on the deck of your ship.
You might have to leave the cockpit temporarily to help defend against a
boarding party. Keep in mind that there are no "air brakes".
Grapnel your ship to something if there's no one to steer it.
(Inertia and gravity wells will not take pity on your vessel.) Yes, you can board & possibly
steal enemy ships.

2. Customization. Customization is fun.
Most games provide many weapons to choose from, but you end up using the same tactics. I want to do just the opposite. Provide a few good, versatile tools / weapons, and support many strategies.
In addition to weapon & engine choosing, the player can
design the shape of the hull. You may be thinking "But players are too stoopid!"
The majority of players will simply select the ship they want to use.
Extreme customization is totally optional.

ideas from Star Control II:
"weighted" collisions

ideas from Bionic Commando (NES):
Bungee Gun ! (turret / main weapon / small arms)
I want to swing an asteroid at an enemy ship ... or just the opposite!

(all of the above give a great sense of mass to a player)
Most games nowadays feel like I'm hitting ping-pong balls with a bat. I see the effect, but I don't
feel the forces. I want this game to be able to give the player a sensation like swinging around a softball attached to a long bungee cord.

ideas from C-dogs / gauntlet / shock troopers:
Hectic running around and shooting stuff to stay alive
Same-computer multiplayer ( is more fun than remote play IMO)

From Diablo 2:
You can't see around walls / large objects.
( I think the original Gauntlet should have had this. It is more interesting if you can't see what's around the next corner)

----++++---- Ship creation process ----++++----

Step 1: Hull shape
a clockwise list of line segments outlines the hull (can have concave portions) counter-clockwise lists will represent "holes" in the hull

Step 2: place walls
line segments can be placed anywhere ON the hull
Areas beyond any given wall will be blacked out at runtime (like in diablo2)

Step 3: place stationary objects
main weapon(s)
(possibly) other kinds of switches / control stations
conveyer belts

step 4: place vehicles and infantry
this is an in-game process ( stealing enemy vessels )

more on gameplay, vehicles, turrets, weapons, and asteroids later...